To Our International Customers is slovenian largest e-bookstore shipping books worldwide. We have more than 20.000 slovene and foreign books and we are still growing. At we are sure you will find most of the slovene books still in print and avaliable. We will also try to find you books, which are sold out in other local bookstores. For further information you can browse through our catalogues or contact us directly. is always trying to pursue new and better ways of how to make shopping at us enjoyable and pleasant experience. We will be happy to get your opinions, remarks or comments to improve even more. Send us your thoughts here.



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International customers can pay with credit cards: Diners, Visa, Visa-Electron, MasterCard, Activa Maestro in Activa. Please note that we require prepayment on all international orders. Orders are shipped worldwide via »Pošta Slovenije«. Shipping and handling is EUR 9,00 plus EUR 4,00 for each item.


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