The Five Powers: A guide to personal peace and freedom

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    The Five Powers: A guide to personal peace and freedom

    Trda - 02. jul 2020
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    It can all feel a bit too much. We find ourselves occupied, morning to night, with reacting, responding and coping with uncontrollable and often challenging circumstances. How can we rise above stress, anxiety and frustration? How do we perform a restart? Is it possible to radically transform our daily life? And how might we invite deeper meaning and freedom into our lives?

    For many, the gateway to the Buddhist teachings is Mindfulness. And Mindfulness is indeed one of the Five Powers that are regarded as the original teachings of the Buddha:
    1. Trust
    2. Energy
    3. Mindfulness
    4. Calm
    5. Wisdom

    How do these Five Powers help us to discover personal peace and freedom? We begin with Trust, a leap of faith, letting go of the sides and getting into the stream of life. But in order to swim well, we also need Energy to overcome resistance and keep going. Mindfulness brings our awareness to where we are on the path in each moment, to notice life in its rich detail. Inner freedom expands, amplified by the peaceful power of Calm. We focus on what is right in front of us, we listen intently, we are patient with life. And Wisdom provides our inner knowing, our compass.

    With stunning artwork throughout by the acclaimed artist Alessandro Sanna, The Five Powers is a guide for those who seek the freedom to be themselves, to love fully and to dance with the unexpected and embrace the everyday.

    O avtorju

    -Stephen Fulder-

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