Fully Grown - Why a Stagnant Economy Is a Sign of Success

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    Fully Grown - Why a Stagnant Economy Is a Sign of Success

    Trda - 06. jan 2020
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    Most economists would agree that a thriving economy is synonymous with GDP growth. The more we produce and consume, the higher our living standard and the more resources available to the public. This means that our current era, in which growth has slowed substantially from its postwar highs, has raised alarm bells. But should it? Is growth actually the best way to measure economic success—and does our slowdown indicate economic problems?

    The counterintuitive answer Dietrich Vollrath offers is: No. Looking at the same facts as other economists, he offers a radically different interpretation. Rather than a sign of economic failure, he argues, our current slowdown is, in fact, a sign of our widespread economic success. Our powerful economy has already supplied so much of the necessary stuff of modern life, brought us so much comfort, security, and luxury, that we have turned to new forms of production and consumption that increase our well-being but do not contribute to growth in GDP.

     - 296 pages

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    • Jezik: angleški
    • Leto izida: 2020
    • Število strani: 296
    • ISBN/EAN: 9780226666006
    • Mere izdelka vxš: 16.1cm x 23.6cm
    • Vezava: Trda
    • Datum Izida: 06.01.2020
    • Založba: The University of Chicago Press
    • Avtor: Dietrich Vollrath
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