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Rob večnosti: 3. knjiga triologije Stoletje, 1. del

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    Rob večnosti: 3. knjiga triologije Stoletje, 1. del

    Trda - 12. jun 2015
    ( 3 )
    Redna cena: 32,96 €

    Velikopotezni zaključek veličastne zgodovinske sage Stoletje. Rob večnosti je bila najbolje prodajana knjiga v ZDA, Veliki Britaniji, Danski, Franciji, Nemčiji, Italiji ter Španiji.

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    Velikopotezni zaključek veličastne zgodovinske sage Stoletje

    Follettova trilogija spremlja junake petih različnih družin – valižanske, angleške, nemške, ruske in ameriške – na njihovi poti skozi 20. stoletje. Po obeh svetovnih vojnah prvega in drugega dela v tretji knjigi nastopi najbolj viharno obdobje, čas velikanskih družbenih, političnih in gospodarskih sprememb od šestdesetih do osemdesetih let prejšnjega stoletja. Pisatelj prepleta osebne zgodbe junakov z najodločilnejšimi dogodki te dobe: od gibanja za državljanske pravice, političnih atentatov, vojne v Vietnamu in posledičnih protivojnih demonstracij do padca berlinskega zidu, kubanske krize, afere Watergate in rojstva rokenrola. Pred očmi bralcev tako košček za koščkom raste domnevno znani svet, ki pa v Follettovi mojstrski govorici zažari v povsem novi luči.

    Ken Follett (1949) je mednarodno priznan pisatelj vohunskega in vojaškozgodovinskega romana z več kot sto milijoni prodanih knjig. V slovenščini so najbolj znani njegovi romani Bomba, Igla in Mož iz Sankt Peterburga, v zadnjem desetletju smo dobili tudi prevod del Sršenov let, Kavke in Noč nad vodo. Trilogija Stoletje je do zdaj njegovo najbolj ambiciozno delo.

    Recenzije knjige (v angleškem jeziku) Using the same wizardry evident in earlier volumes, Follett puts the right person in the right place at exactly the right time, including a Russian journalist in Cuba during the missile crisis, an English ex-pat sent by a U.S. news agency to cover the fall of Communism, and an escapee from East Berlin who ends up in San Francisco, lost in the Haight-Ashbury drug culture. By ushering a cast of hundreds across the world over three generations and 90 years of history, Ken Follett has achieved the literary equivalent of herding cats ... The result is an ambitious, masterful, page-turning, utterly absorbing series based on the theme of evolving political systems. Thus the focus is on right-thinking people throwing off repression and struggling to establish truly representative governments. – Extract from a review by Lisa Verge Higgins in the New York - Journal of Books.

    What Follett has achieved in these novels is remarkable, juggling plots and characters and timelines while keeping the pages turning over the course of three long but very satisfying books.Erik Spanberg in The Christian Science Monitor.

    He is able to create characters so vivid it is easy to keep them alive in our mind … What is most impressive about this book and the two that preceded it, is the fact Follett never forgets he is telling a story. The historical events are the backdrop but the characters are the focal point. Good storytellers know this and Follett is an excellent one. We can only anxiously anticipate what he will present to us next.Jackie K Cooper in the Huffington Post

    This mesmerizing final installment is an exhaustive but rewarding reading experience dense in thematic heft, yet flowing with spicy, expertly paced melodrama, character-rich exploits, familial histrionics, and international intrigue.Publishers Weekly, 23 June

    The Century Trilogy concludes with this historical novel that captures the essence of historical events from 1961 to 2008. It is thrilling in its evocation of critical events and their participants, who capture the successes and failures of freedom's evolution in America, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Vietnam and more notable places. The early conflict of the Freedom Riders, who began the fight for civil rights for African-Americans, is riveting reading. The leadership and shocking deaths of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Bobby Kennedy are depicted as suddenly and dramatically as they occurred, as well as the legacy they left with regard to the Berlin crisis, the attempts at segregating public facilities and educational institutions, the conflict in Vietnam, and more. The evolution of communism in Russia, Germany and Poland is documented in its notorious stages. Bitter rivalries and debates fill these pages with the intensity that is normal for this author's writing style; this enriches the readers' experience, as it is so full of human ability, deception, and manipulative machinations. Popular culture is also given its due as music evolves from the acceptable social norm to rock music and lyrics which parallel the increasing demand for freedom and human rights. What makes this all work so phenomenally well is that we follow the story through a set of characters who live and engage in all these events over the years, with romance, terror, frustration, determination, fury and celebration. It is their involvement that saves this novel from just being a skimming of the surface of history, and it's a glorious conclusion to a remarkable trilogy that is wonderful, exhilarating reading for all ages. Fine, fine historical fiction!Viviane Crystal, Historical Novel Society HNR 69

    Those eagerly awaiting volume three of Follett's ambitious Century Trilogy will not be disappointed. Despite the long wait – Winter of the World was published in 2012 – both the history propelling the multiple plots and the third generation of the interrelated cast of characters are so familiar, readers should have no trouble picking up the threads of the story line left dangling at the end of the previous installment. Spanning the globe and the latter third of twentieth century, this saga continues to follow the lives and loves of the members of five global families, as they struggle against a backdrop of tumultuous international events. As the years roll by, the Cold War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Berlin Wall, the assassination of JFK, the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War, and the crumbling of communism are intimately viewed through the eyes and emotions of a representative array of witnesses to history. Follett does an outstanding job of interweaving and personalizing complicated narratives set on a multicultural stage. High-demand backstory: Follett needs no hard sell. The previous two installments of the ambitious Century Trilogy were best-sellers; expect no less from this superb concluding chapter.Margaret Flanagan, Booklist, 1 June

    Rob večnosti v številkah (v angleškem jeziku) #3 in the Goodreads best historical fiction category in 2014. #9 on The New York Times hardcover list (16 November 2014) #1 on Italy's Corriere della Sera and la Repubblica bestseller lists (28 September to 26 October 2014) #1 on Denmark's Bog & Ide bestseller list (22 September to 20 October 2014) #1 on The New York Times hardcover, e-books, and combined print and e-books lists (26 and 5 October 2014) #1 on the United States Indie Fiction bestseller list (22 September to 9 October 2014) #1 on the Boston Globe hardcover fiction list (4 and 11 October 2014) #2 on the Los Angeles Times hardcover fiction list (12 October 2014) #7 on the Denver Post hardcover fiction list (12 October 2014) #2 on the Washington Post hardcover fiction list (10 October 2014) #1 on the Denver Post hardcover fiction list (5 October 2014) #1 on the Wall Street Journal hardcover fiction list (4 October 2014) #4 on the Wall Street Journal combined print/ebook fiction list (4 October 2014) #3 on the Chicago Tribune Chicagoland bestseller list (3 and 9 October 2014) #1 on the Washington Post hardcover fiction list (3 October 2014) #3 on the San Francisco Chronicle hardcover fiction list (7 and 2 October 2014) #1 on The Sunday Times bestsellers list (29 September 2014) #1 on Germany’s der Spiegel and Buchreport bestseller lists (29 September 2014) #1 e-book on Hungary's Alexandra bestseller list (25 September 2014) #1 on Spain’s La Razón bestseller list (25 September 2014) #1 on France's Le Nouvel Observateur bestseller list (22 September 2014) #1 on USA Today's bestseller list (22 September 2014) #1 in on the Italian IBS bestseller list (22 September 2014) #1 on Denmark's Bog & Ide bestseller list (22 September 2014) #1 on Hungary's Bookline (22 September 2014) #1 on Germany's Focus bestseller list (22 September 2014) #1 on Spain's El Mundo bestseller list (18 September 2014). #1-selling iBook in iTunes stores in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Brazil and Spain (16 September 2014).

    O avtorju

    -Ken Follett-

    Ken Follett je izjemen angleški pisatelj vohunskih in zgodovinskih romanov. Rodil se je leta 1949 v povojnem Walesu. V družini so bili trije otroci, starša sta bila močno verna in otroci niso imeli obilja igrač. Prav tako niso smeli gledati televizije, hoditi v kino ali poslušati radia. Knjige so kmalu postale Kenova velika strast, lokalna knjižnica pa njegovo najljubše zatočišče.

    Ko je bil star deset let, so se preselili v London. Študiral je filozofijo, se poročil pri osemnajstih letih, leto pozneje pa prvič postal oče. V času vojne v Vietnamu se je začel zanimati za politiko, krajši podiplomski študij novinarstva pa ga je popeljal na pisateljsko pot. Knjige je začel pisati ob večerih, po službi. Leta 1974 je tvegal in se povsem posvetil pisanju. Napisal je več del, pravi uspeh pa doživel štiri leta pozneje z romanom Eye of the Needle. Najel je vilo v južni Franciji, se tja preselil z družino ter samo pisal.

    Tri leta pozneje so se vrnili v Anglijo, ker je Ken pogrešal filme, gledališče in ker si je želel na volitve. Živeli so v Surreyu, kjer se je ukvarjal z zbiranjem sredstev in promocijo za laburistično partijo. Takrat je spoznal tudi svojo drugo ženo Barbaro, s katero je poročen od leta 1985. Vsi živijo v Hertfordshireu, v stari tovarni, njegovi in njeni otroci s partnerji in otroki.

    Follett piše vsak dan, začne pred zajtrkom in piše vse do 17. ure popoldne. V 43 letih je napisal 31 knjig. Svetovno najbolj uspešni so njegovi vohunski romani: Eye of the Needle (1978), Triple (1979), The Key to Rebecca (1980), The Man from St Petersburg (1982) and Lie Down with Lions (1986).

    Ostale knjige tega avtorja

    Podrobnosti o izdelku

    • Jezik: slovenski
    • Leto izida: 2015
    • Število strani: 382
    • ISBN/EAN: 9789610130918
    • Mere izdelka vxš: 20 x 14
    • Vezava: Trda
    • Datum Izida: 12.06.2015
    • Založba: Mladinska knjiga Založba
    • Avtor: Ken Follett
    • Prevajalec: Uroš Kalčič
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