The Chemistry of Food

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    The Chemistry of Food

    Mehka - 20. avg 2020
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    The revised second edition of The Chemistry of Food provides a comprehensive overview of important compounds constituting of food and raw materials for food production. The authors highlight food’s structural features, chemical reactions, organoleptic properties, nutritional, and toxicological importance.

    The updated second edition reflects the thousands of new scientific papers concerning food chemistry and related disciplines that have been published since 2012. Recent discoveries deal with existing as well as new food constituents, their origin, reactivity, degradation, reactions with other compounds, organoleptic, biological, and other important properties. The second edition extends and supplements the current knowledge and presents new facts about chemistry, legislation, nutrition, and food safety. The main chapters of the book explore the chemical structure of substances and subchapters examine the properties or uses.

    This important resource:

    • Offers in a single volume an updated text dealing with food chemistry

    • Contains complete and fully up-to-date information on food chemistry, from structural features to applications

    • Features several visual aids including reaction schemes, diagrams and tables, and nearly 2,000 chemical structures

    • Written by internationally recognized authors on food chemistry

    Written for upper-level students, lecturers, researchers and the food industry, the revised second edition of The Chemistry of Food is a quick reference for almost anything food-related as pertains to its chemical properties and applications.

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    • Jezik: angleški
    • Leto izida: 2020
    • ISBN/EAN: 9781119537649
    • Vezava: Mehka
    • Datum Izida: 20.08.2020
    • Založba: John Wiley & Sons Ltd
    • Avtor: Jan Velisek
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