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    20. feb 2020
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    Empathy is one of the most talked about and widely studied concepts of recent years. Some argue it can help create a more just society, improve medical care and even avert global catastrophe. Others object that it is morally problematic. Who is right? And what is empathy anyway? Is it a way of feeling with others, or is it simply feeling sorry for them? Is it a form of knowledge? What is its evolutionary origin?

    In this thorough and clearly-written introduction to the philosophy of empathy Heidi Maibom explores these questions and more, examining the following topics:

     - The nature of empathy and key themes in the literature

     - Empathy as a way of understanding others, particularly 'simulation theory’ and 'perspective-taking'

     - Empathy, emotional contagion, and sympathy

     - Empathy’s role in moral understanding or motivation

     - Empathy and art appreciation, with examples from film, music and fiction

     - Empathy and mental disorder, such as psychopathy and autism.

     - 180 pages

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