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General sales conditions

sale online Emka.si implements the Youth book store no Ljubljana, Slovenska cesta 29, 1000 Ljubljana, info@emka.si. The company is entered in the register at the District Court in Ljubljana, the capital of 4,095,443.17 euros. The company is committed to pay VAT (No. 5171555, DU).

we guarantee that each purchase in the online store Emka.si.

the prices of products and shipping are in euro (EUR) including VAT, .

are subject to the prices and other benefits (discounts, gifts, mode of delivery, postage, etc.) at the date of award of the contract. Subject to the original account, you receive the payment or delivery in conjunction with the general terms and conditions published on this site and confirmed at the time of the order.

goods are delivered from stock you will receive in a projected three working days. Each item is given the anticipated delivery date. In cases of preorders are delivered only after receipt of the goods at the warehouse, you will be informed with the product at the time of contract award.

as a buyer you have the right to withdraw from the contract within 15 days of receipt of the of the goods at the address of the < a href = "mailto:emka@emka.si" > emka@emka.si or please let us know at the address Youth book store, Emka.si, Brnčičeva ulica 41e, 1231 Ljubljana Črnuče. This right shall not waive and you cannot cancel in advance. The message is timely, if the consignment is submitted within the time limit. Received the goods back to us undamaged and unaltered in the 14th century. days of the notice of withdrawal from the contract. The return of the goods received within the time limit for the withdrawal from the Treaty is considered to be the message of withdrawal from the contract. Books or other goods you return to us in the condition in which it was when it was delivered, to the following address Youth book store no, Emka.si, Brnčičeva ulica 41e, 1231 Ljubljana Črnuče. In the case of a refund of the goods to the purchaser bears the costs of return of the goods. In the case of a timely cancellation and refunds already received the goods at the buyer's expense in one piece, the Youth book store to the customer within 14 return received consideration, on account of which will be specified by the buyer.

in the purchase of audio, video or computer program and in the case of the supply of newspapers, magazines and periodicals do not have the right to withdraw from the contract, if you have already opened a security seal.

As you belong to the purchaser all the rights according to the law on consumer protection


Youth book store for books sold to a clerical error or other goods in accordance with applicable law.

Youth book store accepts returns on the phone, or by email to 01/588 7404 emka@emka.si and they will be solved in the shortest possible time.

Youth book store does not recognize any contractor IRPS as responsible for the settlement of consumer disputes. In the event of a dispute for resolution of the dispute, the Court after residency ...

links to Web-based platform for the settlement of consumer disputes: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/?event=main.home.show

by clicking on the button "REGISTER ME" allowed to Youth book Publisher, book store and no Youth Cankarjeva založba publishing with a view to the fulfilment or no enforcement of the contractual relationship and direct marketing set up, maintained and operated with your personal information for an unlimited period of time, and transmit this information for these purposes to each other. All of these companies provide protection of personal data according to the law governing the protection of personal data. You can at any time in writing or by phone within 15 days to permanently or temporarily stop using your personal information for the purpose of direct marketing, and in a further 5 days contact at our expense.

we reserve the right to cancel (in part) by way of exception from the performance of the contract in cases where the ordered books in stock runs out (computer systems stocks automatically checked once daily in the morning hours and exceptionally early because the flow of the day), if the payment is increased if buyer or rizičnost order form has not been fulfilled, in accordance with the general terms and conditions. In all of these, and similar cases, you will be on a possible withdrawal from the contract on our part as soon as notified by email or phone


by clicking on the button "finish and submit order" in the last step of purchase, we will cover your order and keep you informed about this by e-mail, which you provided during registration. The contents of your order may at any time check on the side of My purchases. In the case of questions or problems you can always contact us: < a href = "mailto:emka@emka.si" > emka@emka.si . By clicking on the button "finish and submit order", you confirm that you are familiar with the entire text of the sales-payment terms and conditions, which are listed here, and you were on these terms and conditions at the time of registration explicitly warned. Order/contract is concluded in Slovenian language.