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Convert InDesign and PDF in EPUB2

  • When converting printed books to ePub, it should be noted that the book's example will not be similar to a printed book.

  • The base price does not include the link between the index and the text. The link will be charged additionally at 0.10 € / link.

  • The base price includes conversion of images and various tables.

Price list

Easy conversion (EUR/page) Advanced conversion (EUR/page) Complex conversion (EUR/page)
Format Epub Epub Epub
InDesign 0.30 €* 0.50 € 0.80 €
PDF 0.35 € 0.55 € 0.85 €

* Published prices are exclusive of VAT.

Easy conversion

Simple text with up to 10 images and 10 tables per book.

Advanced conversion

  • Two line text

  • Advanced images

  • Advanced tables

  • Black borders or page reminders

  • Simple mathematical records

Complex conversion

  • A complex text structure

  • Place text on images

  • Address icons

  • Unlimited number of tables including colored tables

  • Unlimited number of images (color and black and white)

  • Picture in the background of the text

  • Advanced mathematical records

Children's books

Children's books (EUR/stran)
Format Epub
InDesign 0.60 € *
PDF 0.65 €

* Published prices are exclusive of VAT.

Conversion InDesign and PDF in EPUB3

  • Conversion includes audio and animations

  • ePub3 currently only works on iOS devices (iPad). Other operating system vendors have not yet adopted the ePub3 standard (on-going)

  • Audio records should be included in the file

  • Animation images must be sent along with story (story board)

  • The price for animation applies only to basic image animations and does not include advanced image animations. The price of advanced animations will be known after analyzing the complexity of animation.

Price list

Format ePub3 (EUR/page) ePub3 with an audio track (EUR/page) ePub3 with animation (EUR/page)
InDesign 1.90 € 2.30 € 15 €
PDF 1.95 € 2.80 € 15 €