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Campaign & Discounts

How do I get the security of e-Voucher?

E-Vouchers for a discount on an occasional basis are published in the weekly Emka.si e-mail newsletters and our ads in different media.

Subscribe to our Emka.si newsletter and keep track of the ads, and to make sure the Special savings. Check-in is possible on the entry page to the right above.

How to get a discount?

Each e-Coupon has its own code with which to enforce the value of the discount. Enter the code in a special box, which you will find under products in my cart in the first step of your purchase. After clicking on the button "Activate" will be the amount of your order down to discount that claim with a specific code for the discount. Input field is also displayed in the picture below.

Any discount you can use only once, so in order to submit your all the books you want to buy at a discount. Various discounts are mutually exclusive and cannot be used in the same order.

My Cart Page

types of discounts on Emka.si

  • To a particular product. The discount is listed for which the product is valid.

  • To a specific Department. The discount is listed for which the section applies.

  • On all of the products on offer.

Discounts do not apply to ...

  • Technical products.

  • For subsidies on purchases of books.

Many of the pleasures of shopping wishes you Emka.si!
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